Video 14 May 4 notes

Recently Nulli Secunda has been SBUing Providence to get “gudfites” and to test out their new doctrines, such as the beam Harbingers. In this video Provi Bloc fights Nulli Secunda beam Harbingers with Artillery Ruptures in 1-1I53.


Video 11 May 1 note

My piloting was pretty bad during this fight but I decided to document it nevertheless.

Video 7 May

Provi Bloc and The Unthinkables fight turns into a game of tag in D-GTMI.

Video 6 May

Provi Bloc arty Ruptures take on a Spectre Fleet (they’re like Bomber’s Bar except they fly other ships than just covert ops) consisting mostly of rail Thoraxes and Moas, as well as a few Omens in IWZ3-C.

Apologies for the weird resolution of the video, I had to use an old monitor for a few weeks.

Video 5 May

Another Provibloc roam. For some reason we decided to engage The Unthinkables fleet of Legions, Zealots and Lokis at zero on the gate in SV5-8N with Nagas and Tornados.

It didn’t work out too well.

Video 4 May 2 notes

We were on a roam to Catch and decided to surprise Pandemic Legion when they were bashing a POS. Unexpected to us they didn’t fight but retreated to their own safe POS.

Video 3 May

Provibloc spends another evening in Sendaya with the HERO Coalition.

First fight is Provi Arty Ruptures and Rail Thoraxes vs HERO Caracals.

Video 2 May 2 notes

The Algos is a pretty good ship for belt ratting in nullsec, and probably also low level missions and DED sites.

Basically it’s a kiting fit, you have to keep range, keep up your speed and transversal.

Video 1 May 3 notes

republicov’s frigate fleet was on a roam in Catch and stumbled upon a HERO Coalition (Brave Collective, TEST Alliance Please Ignore, Spaceship Samurai etc.) capital fleet sieging a -A- station in N-8BZ6, without sub-capital support. republicov’s fleet hero tackled the HERO fleet. Providence head FC corebloodbrothers was forming a fleet for his daily roam when he was informed the fleet was tackled.

Core rage formed a sentry fleet of Dominixes, Armageddons, armor battlecruisers and logistics to engage the HERO capital fleet. The cyno was lit and the fleet was bridged in to the system, which was on the edge of our titan bridging range.

I was about to log off but I heard on comms that a cap fleet was tackled and got in the only appropriate ship I had close by and made best speed to the titan system. I missed the first cyno but a second and third one were lit to bridge in reinforcements. I got in on the second cyno.

The HERO Coalition had issues getting sub-cap support into system due to an allegedly AFK titan pilot, so eventually all of their caps were destroyed. But they did manage to kill pretty much all of the Provi Bloc battleships. However this was the last night that mass drone assigning works, and Provi doctrines are likely to change after the upcoming nerf, so it was a good way to say farewell to drone assigning.

Video 30 Apr 1 note

Provi Bloc armor sentry battlecruisers and battleships take on HERO Coalition (Brave Newbies, TEST Alliance Please Ignore, Nexus Fleet) Megathron fleet in ERVK-P, Catch. Later on NCdot Eagles and RAZOR Alliance Zealots join the fight and force Provi Bloc to withdraw from the field.

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